Chandshanbeh Ba Sina
Baradar Khaharan - Duble Farsi
Dokhtare Poshte Panjere
Man Dar In Jahan Nemijangam - Duble Farsi

Zirnevis Farsi
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 3 Khahar SUB Part 375
 Tashkilat SUB Part 485
 Sabade Kasif SUB Part 105
 Ghezavat Zirnevis Part 420
 Baradar Khaharan Part 590
 Parandegan Atash Part 220
 Velgard Zirnevis P25 END
 Derakhte Naroon Part 5
 Zalem Zirnevis Part 30
 Hefze Aberoo SUB Part 260
 Cheshm Cheran Part 295
 Khianat Zirnevis Part 295
 Dastan Khakestar Part 10
 Penhanam Kon SUB Part 85
 Eshgh Bi Hado Marz Part 105
 Dabehaye Morvarid Part 25
 Tasise Osmani SUB Part 745
 Yek Eshgh Ast Part 20
 Zendegi Ba Shokuh Part 80
 Booye Sandoghche Part 55
 Man Nemijangam Part 290
 Doshmane Eshgh SUB Part 20
 Ghafase Talaei Part 20
 Dozdi (Kara) SUB P25 END
 Khanevadeh - Aile P150 END
Ghadam BiBazgasht P40END
 Sange Arezoo P100 END
 Setareha Doorand P20 END
 Fardi Digar SUB P80 END
 Khod Karde SUB P135 END
 Esme Man Farah P135 END
 Moshkeli Daram P30 END
 Tabeid Be Abi SUB P130 END
 Khanevadeh Ziba P110 END



Ghadam Dar Rahe Bi Bazgasht - Zirnevis Farsi

Ghadam Dar Rahe Bi Bazgasht - Zirnevis Farsi
Ghadam Dar Rahe Bi Bazgasht - Zirnevis Farsi
Yasmin and Fidan, who have nothing in common except motherhood, their destinies become intertwined and after that these two women struggle with life's problems with each other's support (the name of the series literally means what ships that go on fire I did not draw, it is said that when Tariq ibn Ziyad attacked Spain, so that the soldiers would not hope to return and fight with all their strength, he ordered to burn their ships, so in Turkey this term is equivalent to destroying the bridges behind the head in Persian. More Details
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Farid - Duble Farsi
Masumiat -  Duble Farsi
Miras Emanat - Duble Farsi
Ghalbhaye Tanha - Duble Farsi
Golhaye Khooi - Duble Farsi
Biaban - Duble Farsi

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 Miras Emanat SUB Part 664

Duble Farsi
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 Name Khodahafezi Duble 48
 Tabeid Be Abi DUB Part 41
 Az Che Ha Gozashtim Duble 4
 Golhaye Khooni Duble 28
 Reghabat2 Duble Part 62
Bonbast Ghalb Duble Part 40
 Baradar Khaharan Duble 349
 Mano Beshno DUB Duble 31
 Khod Karde Duble Part 56
 Ghalbhaye Tanha Duble 10
 Molki Duble Farsi Part 95
 Prancess Bi Taj Duble 36
 Biaban Duble Farsi Part 2
 Hefz Aberoo Duble Part 115
 Yaghoot Kabood Duble 38
 Esmi Farah Duble Part 91
 Neshate Zendegi Duble 17
 Azmoon Zendegi Duble 191
Chandshanbe Ba Sina S05 P22
 Farid Duble Farsi Part 214
 Engar Farda Nist P4 ENDS1
 Malake Duble Farsi P33 END
 Zantel Duble P30 END
 Igo Duble Farsi P41 END
 Khubi Duble Farsi P70 END
 Ramo Duble Farsi P116 END
 Fasle Baran P188 END
RuhetKhabarNadare P27END
 Marze Toghyan P12 END
 Dokhtar P. Panjere P253 END
 Shekufeh Camelia P29 END
 Zendegi Derakhshan P72END
 Divar Duble P8 END
 Afat Sal Haftom P15 END
 Chi Mishe Age P52 END
 ZemZemehaye Shab P8 END

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